Depending on your specific needs we will tailor a cost effective solution to suit. This could be for Dave’s services directly, or simply pay a finders fee to be put in touch with a specialist in the field you are after, where you only pay if you choose to engage them.

For more complex projects we can work out rates for teams or look at estimating certain specific elements of work you need assistance with.

Please contact us to discuss your requirements in the first instance on 0432 753 474 or email your details to

Aces Up Engineering is focused on providing professional advice and services and we will endeavour to exceed your expectations.

Having worked for most of the largest contractors in Australia and overseas we recognise the importance of engaging the right person for the role required. Aces Up Engineering utilise the vast network of professional resources we have to match the right consultant, or contractor, to suit your specific requirements.

Honesty, quality, reliability and openness are amongst our key strengths and we are here to help you deliver on time, on budget and to help you secure repeat work with your clients.